Last Rites

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                                                                                            ”  Death Knell”

   It had a good run. Not in length, but in hopefulness. Whats this I’m talking about. The now slowly fading “thrash revivalists”. Yes, a few years back, the white top donning, denim vesters were actually causing quite a ruckus in the metal community. With marquis acts like Bonded By Blood (who erupted into a self-implosive pit of array), Warbringer (who have since dropped the retro thrash attitude for a more modern feel), and Lazarus A.D. (yea remember them?) the revival was seen as hopeful. 5 years pass. Things changed. Bands quit. Bands lost their musical knack and made some really bad album. Others jumped the bandwagon, causing what was once a train of freshness into a stale, rotten ride to Hell. So what happened? I’ll explain.

     It’s a common fact that record labels love to jump the trend. Whether it be the early 80’s flood of metal bands who acted like Judas Priest, except cheesier. Or the early 90’s landslide of death metal bands, and the herds flocking to Earache and Roadrunner Records. The current was no different. A few bands gather in L.A. and make it seem like their actually reviving something. Most will agree, the product never hit any standard of classic, or even good for that matter. The fashion was ripped off from Anthrax, the riffs from Megadeth, and the rest was likewise as unoriginal. Lame and stale, never evolving.

        Never can a band claim to be something that already happened. Thats just fraud. There is no Slayer 2.0, or Pantera Mach 2. Those bands made their own legacy doing something new and original. Not running to their local graveyard and digging up their long dead. The revivalists were just attempting to bring back a long ventured genre. The early thrash years are among some of the greatest metal bands ever. Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Testament…They made something new. After a while, it got old. The Bay Area was literally flooded with thrash bands, who all took the last guys gimmick and made it more tiresome. Ask the forefathers themselves, the timeline of evolution does not allow metal to go back 20 years and try to imitate itself. Am I saying thrash is dead? No. Is thrash as strong as it was? No. The current “thrashers” are just terrible imitators of a great generation that laid down the ground for the next genres. You catch that? Each genre lends into the next. Thrash gave way to boredom, and than the ground on death metal was broken by Slayer. The formula (evil, gore, war) was inherit in the old school death metal sounds. After a while, that grew old as well, and the formula of death metal guitars with hardcore vocals was incarnated. The genre metalcore, is the current genre that is rapidly growing old. The bands who still claim to be metalcore, do so as to not disappoint their fanbase. The term now is modern metal. I love modern metal. Actually I love all metal. Except the thrash revival. Why? You don’t write the same book twice, do you? Didn’t think so….

                                                                                                           Because Heavy Matters



Petty Is As Petty Does

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                                                                        “Splinter Of the Mind’s Eye”

               Elitist is a fairly new term. Fairly being used in the lightest of terms here, but the influx of the “righteous” has evaded our everyday lives. “Dont eat that, eat this!”. “Don’t watch that, watch this!’. We get it, you’re right, we’re all wrong. But, as with everything, this level of grandose douchery is 1000x worse in the everlasting world of heavy metal. There seems to be a wave of metalheads who would rather die than actually give a listen to any band they consider “not metal” . Now, this doesn’t mean this doesn’t exist in other music genres (rap is not music). But since us metalheads are so devoted, we take serious pride in who we listen to. Is this just a pounding of the chest and stomping of the foot, or is it a new way of discriminating?

             Ask anyone who was alive during the 80’s about modern metal, and they will most likely say “Ah dude that new stuff sucks! Back than we had Maiden, Priest, all them great bands! You aint got none!”. After slapping them for not realizing the latter two bands are still existent, you should enlighten them with the fact that people hated what was going on in metal in 80’s, at first. Yes, there was a time when metalheads didn’t like thrash. Back in 1981, when the average speed of a metal song was at about modern prog rock levels, the newbies who came and made it fast were seen as “false metallers” and “posers”. But we all know how that turned out, with the classic bands dying off, and thrash metal becoming a monolith of a genre to this day. That enough proof…?

            ….So why haven’t we learned. Why is it so wrong to not listen to the exact same thing as your brethren. Well, for starters, it’d be weird if everyone liked the same exact bands. Part of music is finding indivuality, even within a genre. Metal is a vast genre, with nearly 25 types, if you want to stretch it. So what makes one “better” than the other? Nothing. Not one thing. I for one, like almost every metal genre, starting with the Sabbath days up to the present day. Evolution doesn’t kill. It only makes a species stronger. Elitism is a pure kryptonite to the world’s greatest music. If we can’t put up a united front, what makes us any stronger the typical radio pop fan? Nothing. Go to a mainstream music festival, and watch the crowds sit with their teas and herbs, clapping everytime the “singer” remembers to lip sync properly. Watch a metal festival, you get chills. Hordes of people swinging their heads, screaming, all a religious experience. So why, once out the concert setting, are we so damn divided??? A Slayer fan can’t sit with a Slipknot fan? A Maiden fan sneers at the thought of listening to anything released past 1983? Is there a reason we don’t want to move out of our comfort zone, or is it just mere idiocy. Like i said before, I can honestly say I like almost every, single metal genre in existence. There is, of course, good and bad to each. Thrash has its share of bad apples, as does metalcore, and death metal. But is it a problem to like it all? To me, no. To most, yes.

          The ultimate, mortal sin is confessing these four words. “I like nu metal”. Say these words at a Cannibal Corpse album, you’ll probably end up looking like that poor woman on the Butchered album cover. Nu metal is METAL. It has it in its name. So why do people practically spit at KoRn? Why do people start wars over Slipknot, who are actually not even nu metal, more or less just metal metal. Is it so damn wrong to listen to nu metal? Have you destroyed your metal reputation? No and yes. No for being yourself. Yes for being a wimp and not being yourself. I personally love the work of both KoRn and Slipknot. Slipknot is one of my all time favorite METAL bands, and I proudly say it, wear their merch like a uniform, and listen to them daily. So whats the deal with the elitists being so snooty over a great genre? Well, its not as simple as you may think…

        Human psychology is a crazy thing. Our brains are smarter than us, and us meaning us, with our brains. Don’t have a stroke trying to figure that one out. But the point is, that when your brain is developed, it doesn’t allow much change. This is the dangerous part of bad parenting, i.e. racism, drug use, drinking, etc. It sticks with you. For life. The same goes for metal. What you know is what you like. But once you break down the windows and open the floodgates, the music just encompasses you. Living as a square is not living. It’s trapping yourself in a hole for life, with no escape. Open – mindedness has saved countries, lives, and persons. Never forget that you are your own person, not a person’s own.


                                                                                                         Because Heavy Matters, 


Rebirth Amongst Ruin…

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                                                                                          “We Reign In What?”

   There comes a time in everything where you have two vital options. Either end it, or change. Such law clearly applies to metal music, as in its relatively short history (42 years exactly), it has changed nearly a dozen times. It all started with a tritonal horror song, and it has never stopped its reign. The generations who see each era claim their’s to be the best, and instinctually so. Those who lived in the golden days will say anything not Maiden is less than dirt metal, while those (like me) born at the tail end of one (death metal) and raised, immersed, and infatuated with another (modern metal), I respect all genres of metal, whether its the soaring opera of Priest, or the crushing breakdowns of Lamb Of God, it’s all amazing. But in the past year or so, metal has yet again hit a point where one genre is slowly waning. Slowly, but surely, there is a new wave of metal creeping in. Like a river, it’s coming in, and pulling anyone willing to submit to the current with it. That new wave is American heavy metal.

    Britain had its time. For a long time, the not so distant brothers from across the Atlantic were the only country producing “modern” metal. America was into kicking a dead horse, like the short lived “New Wave Of Thrash Metal” from 2007 to 2010. The bands who stuck around from that (Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Violator, Bonded By Blood) have long run their recipe dry, stretching the limits of human patience by releasing album after album of monotous Anthrax clone metal. The well ran dry eventually and the limits of thrash metal eventually pushed many fans (including myself) to find some new metal to listen to. At first it seemed Britain had won the neverending cycle of whos better. Bands like Bring Me the Horizon were at least unique in a time of saturated thrash or non deserving metalcore. Bands adopted the term post-metal. This allowed a more flexible sense of musicianship, i.e. keyboards, synths, even some outside influences such as techno and (then unknown to America) dubstep. Their fanbase here in the States were small, most pinning their noses at the mere thought of them. I myself have never been a fan and most likely never will be. The lack of actual influence of metal is too small for me to identify with. That said, this whole movement was vital in the rebirth of American metal.

    Long before BMTH, Asking Alexandria, or TesseracT even existed, their was one band who was straight-t0-the-point American metal. Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Lamb Of God were the first to take the breakdown and turn it into a deadly weapon. Their first album was released in 1998, as the much more controversial Burn The Priest. After guitarist Abe Spear left, drummer Chris Adler recruited brother Wille on the axe, and they began work on what would become the pinnacle 2000 album “New American Gospel”. Their was nothing like it at the time. The breakdowns were vicious. The vocals were like a monstrous pterodactyl attacking a small village. Their are small hints of percussive influence from fellows Americans Slipknot, but the claim is yet to be accepted or denied. The album was a deciding factor in the end of preceding genre, nu-metal. Suddenly, bands like KoRn and Limp Bizkit, were left without any platform for their music. The tides had turned. The influence of rap and hip hop was dead. Lamb Of God took what forefathers Pantera gave them, and turned it into a monster of hate and metal. After Gospel was released, suburban kids no longer tried to downtune their guitars to Drop Z and sing like Jon Davis, rather they tuned it to Drop D, screamed like Randy Blythe and added the then all but unknown breakdown to their sounds. Many bands on the East Coast morphed this sound with a more hardcore influence. The West Coast bands (CA, AZ, TX) added a more death metal influence to this later on, adopting the term deathcore. The latter has yet to fully get anymore approval than metalcore. And this leads us to the intro. The rise of American metal versus British metal. For long, Britain’s metal scene was mostly underground, with bands such as TesseracT, Bring Me The Horizon, and Asking Alexandria leaving an imprint of the American fanbase. Some smaller movements broke out, such as djent, or dub core, but none garnered quite as much as the post metal sounds of the latter. Meanwhile, around this time, America was in the midst of a revival, the thrash metal revival. Once that ended (late 2009, early 2010) once again the tide had turned. Bands such as Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Mastodon, and Killswitch Engage were throwing out classics to unreceptive crowds. Metalheads like me had long been fans of these bands, but the support that post metal got was never there. Until now.

         People have all but turned their attention away from the British scene. Some will deny this vehemently. But the bands who once looked and claimed metal, have now added the trends of cultural music, ie techno, dubstep, and dance to their sound (as mentioned earlier). Many who support them will stay, blinded by the idiocy of youthful hope. But today, December 16, 2011, is a mere day in the timeline of the dawn of American heavy metal’s rebirth. Lamb Of God are set to release “Resolution” January 24, 2012. Mastodon recently released “The Hunter” a post country sort of affair that integrated their metallic chops into their classic rock roots. Since the rebirth of NWOAHM began over a decade ago, the strength as grown.  Mark my words, 2012 is going to be the best year American metal has had since 1986. Long gone are the days of Britain reign over metal, America will purveil in the fight of real metal and false metal. Elitism among American fans is slowly, yet surely, dying. The acceptance of the breakdown, the clean to harsh vocal style, and all around American-ness of metalcore has wrapped its arms around our fanbase. The older bands are slowly bowing out, retiring or just falling out. Retro thrash is postmortem, and British metalcore is on its last walk to the morgue. All signs lead to America reigning the metal scene for long time to come. And I’ll be supporting every step.

                                                                                                     Because Heavy Matters,


                                                                           “……..The Hell Is This?”

 I’m going out on a limb here, and saying you read my last post “Top Ten Metal Albums of 2011“. If you did, thank you very much. But now it’s onto a more negative subject. The worst of the worst. The bottom of the barrel. The cream of the crap. In other words, the ten metal albums that were not just “bad”, but badddddddd. To be fair, like I said in the last blog, 2011 was a damn good for metal. Albums that were good outweigh the bad, but there’s still 10 that are just so damn bad, it would be treason to not talk about them. So here it is, the top ten worst metal albums of 2011….

10. Emmure – Speaker Of The Dead

 February 14, 2011

 Where to start with this one….Well, other than the fact they are trying wayyyyy too hard to be a “heavier” Limp Bizkit, these guys just do not get the concept of metal. If this album were under the genre “rap techno stuff” I would say they were right. But metal? Nope. The breakdowns are repetitive as anything. Absolutely no feeling in the vocals. And if there were a guitar tab book for this album it would go 0-0-0-000-0-0. The mere existence of this album is sad, truly a mess of mixed genres and all that’s wrong with modern metal.

9. Winds Of Plague – Against The World

 April 19, 2011

Let me paint you a picture. Imagine Nightwish suddenly going all “core” on us, and adding a touch of Vanilla Ice. You see it yet? Well, the end culmination is Winds Of Plague. The symphonic deathcore boys (yes such an atrocity exists) are quite possibly the strangest combination of bad and really bad. The press release was the most ridiculous statement possibly ever made, “….the heaviest-hitting record of the band’s already heralded career.” Really? Hitting. Yes. Heavy. Hell no. The worst song possibly ever made is on this album. An aptly titled “California” is a fusion of symphonic deathcore with two bandana donning white guys rapping. No, this is serious. The video isnt much better, with them standing on what seems to be Venice Beach, and rapping, switching to a concert scene of balloon animals with crappy crowd surfing. Welcome to the worst list, guys. It should become familiar place sooner or later.

8. Pathology – Awaken To The Suffering

 September 14, 2011

I’ll give the band this much. The instrumentation is great. But for some reason, the vocals seem to be sound good to them, but to anyone with two ears, they sound like toilet vomiting. Whatever reason these guys did that for, I dont know. Replace the vox with Tom Araya or George Fisher, you have yourself a mediocre death metal album. Leave the vox in with the guy who “sings” them now, and it may the worst sounding death metal of all time. Like I said, the instrumentation is fine, but the obviously manipulated vocals of Jonathan Huber are just disgraceful. If the  vomiting toilet is your thing, so be it. But to most matured metalheads, it sounds like crap. No pun intended.

7.  Jamey Jasta – Jasta

 July 26, 2011

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of both Hatebreed and Kingdom Of Sorrow. But, the latest venture by Mr. Jasta is just a poor attempt at “sportcore” metal. The monotous tone of his voice (which is a fairly new issue for him) is just plain boring. The themes of the songs do not speak to everyone, or anyone at that. With a guest thrown in on nearly every track, Jamey is trading off cheesy lyrics with vocalists who, sorry to say, are billions of times better than him. I would talk about the instrumentation, but I don’t think it’s neccessary, due to the mere fact Jasta did barely any touring or press for the album, and never even mentioned the rest of the band members names or anything. I really hope this is not an indication of where Jamey is going musically, because he is a great guy, and has written many inspiring songs, but this album just fell dead in the water.

6. Cynic – Carbon Based Anatomy

 November 15, 2011

In the early 1990’s, the name Cynic would entail the praise of an up and coming Floridian death metal. With its early lineups of Sean Reinert on drums, Paul Masvidal on guitar, and soon to be Cannibal Corpse axeman Rob Barrett, they recorded nearly 4 demos of straight death metal. Than they released the awkward 1994 debut “Focus“, which was a death jazz experiment. Some loved it, some hated it. To this day, nothing has changed. Minus a few members, Cynic is still weird as fuck. Their newest album “Carbon Based Anatomy” is not just weird, it just sucks. With influences of avant garde art rock, and spoken word, Cynic have all but abandoned metal music altogether. The end result is an exhausting ride of WTF’s and not knowing what track is which. Sorry to say, but its time for Cynic to re-consider what their doing. Either pack it in, or make good music…Simple as that.

5. Queensryche – Dedicated To Chaos

 June 28. 2011

In their early days, Queensryche were what mainly consider to be “real old school metal”. With the pipes of Geoff Tate, and the guitar work of Chris DeGarmo, Queensryche drew influence from forefathers like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and released two epic albums as such. But than came the 90’s, and latter influence was all but gone, with the new influence of prog rock. No big deal there( prog rock is actually a good type of music), but the trend of changing your style never seemed to cease for Queensryche. Their newest album is no different, in that it draws influence from vocalist Geoff Tate’s new found obsession with cabaret music. The result is a mess of thin guitars, awkward hip-hop attempts, and even some strange disco influence. The mere cacophony is an abysmal listen, making most who have an ear for music call it a day and turn off the album. Queensryche are almost not even recognizable as themselves on this album, and it shows theyve lost their way. Real bad.

4. Limp Bizkit  – Gold Cobra

 June 28, 2011

Oddly released the exact same day as Dedicated To Chaos, this album is just Limp Bizkit being Limp Bizkit. I don’t know what their motive is, who or what pushes them to make this style of music. But the outcome is just pathetic. Fred Durst is as much of a bum as always. The trailer trash lyrics with ludricuous statements of club going, hoe loving, and all around wiggery make this album destined for the hands of confused Midwestern kids. But, for whats it worth, Limp Bizkit havent changed. For us thats bad, for the fans its a good thing. In general, most people hate Limp Bizkit. Kerry King even almost quit music because of this band, and if there is ever a reason to hate a band, its because they almost ended Slayer. Limp Bizkit, you suck.

3. IWrestledABearOnce- Ruining It For Everybody

 July 26, 2011

From the start, this band has been somewhat of a complete mockery of all that metal is supposed to be.From the weird blending of like a billions musical genres (hence the album title) to the faux announcement they became a black metal band (on April Fools Day) this band has become the laughingstock of humanity. Their only fans are most probably 13 years old, or just seriously into hallucigenic drugs. The song titles are almost nausesting stupid ; “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly” ,  “Karate Nipples”  , and of course “It Is “Bro” Isn’t It?”  . Whoever signed these fools to Century Media must be insane. Drop them and they wither away, and stop making a mockery of metal music as we know it.

2. Black Veil Brides – The Legacy

 June 14, 2011

Quite possibly the worst thing to come out of California since the Raiders, these guys are just really, really bad. Their self proclaimed “glam rebirth” is something no one was praying for. Anywhere. The boasting of “youth” and “rebellion” is about as 1985 as a pair of leg warmers. The day this band disbands is the day I breathe a sigh of relief. Many a time have I said I have a strong hatred of all this band does and stands for. Tricking young kids into thinking youre something youre not is about as bad as anything. The music is beyond bad, and the image is like Marilyn Manson meets Vince Neil. There is nothing to say about the album. Its garbage.

And the #1 worst metal album of 2011 is………………………..

Metallica and Lou Reed – Lulu


  October 31, 2011

Where to start?? I dont think a worse album has ever been recorded, let alone released. Metallica, who have officially dismembered any hope of rebirthing their legacy, have hammered the nail into their coffin. In early April, guitarist Kirk Hammett came out and said they were working on a new album, but admitted it was going to be “different”. What he meant to say was, “Yea, we hired some old hipster to rant and rant and rant about prostitutes and self mutialtion, while Lars plays the drums with this mouth , and James and I play random power chords!”. That is about the sum of the album right there. Lou Reed sounds like Grandpa from The Simpsons after a couple shots and a stroke. The instruments are like crashing windows at a nursing home. The backlash for the album is soft compared to what it should be. There is absolutely no good  music on this album, and frankly, there is nothing to say except, burn it.


                                                                                                                                                Because heavy matters


                                                                                 “Prelude to Perfection”                                                               

In recent history, metal has been quite….stagnant? The overdosage of British metalcore breakdowners, or the flipped cap donning retro “thrashers”, metal has had its far share of  “bumps in the road”. I say this in the past tense, as saying, put down your pizza box shields, and take off your aluminum foil helmets, the danger is gone. The worst is behind us.

                How you ask? Well, seeing as the best of the best have released quite some, eh, sub par, albums as of lately, the chances of a year of “classics” seemed to be long gone. The last great metal album before this year, in my honest opinion, was The Blackening by Machine Head. And saying that means I honestly didn’t believe anything “classic” was released for nearly 4 years. But, fret not, I no longer live by this doctrine. The number of classic albums this year has been quite staggering. Not just classic, I mean classic. Like, “Holy sh*t dude, this album is ripping my face off !!” But  of course, the term classic is extensively subjective to each person. One may say Ke$ha released a classic album, while I say that she released some great comedic material. But, in terms of metal, the list of ten album I have composed are what I believe to be the best of the best, out of at least millions of albums released this year, mainstream, underground, in your neighborhood. These are the best……

10.  Devildriver – Beast

     Released February 21, 2011

Devildriver are no stranger to metal love, from me and millons of other fans. But to say that Beast is indeed “beast” is an utter understatement. All bullshit aside, Dez sounds absolutely vicious on this album. And the guitar work is full of death, black , and even nu metal references that leave everybody grinning. And speaking of grinning, the track “Grinfucked” is their best song ever. The packaging couldve been a bit more, eh, metal?  But they couldve put a picture of flowers and butterflies, and I wouldve bought this. The songs stand on their own, and the album leaves you bloody, beleagured, and begging for more. Yes, Devildriver, you done good.


9.  Trivium – In Waves

 August 9, 2011

Wait a second, before getting all “Their not metuhllll!!!11” on me. I too was not completely sold on the album when I first heard it. But after a few mor samplers, and eventually mostly the whole album, I came to find Trivium had created their best work since the very Metallica-ish “The Crusade” in 2006. The opening duo of “Capsizing the Sea” into “In Waves” harkons visions of 2004-era Slipknot and Bullet For My Valentine. The rest of the album is just Trivium being Trivium. Clean vocals give way to Corey’s bellowing yelling. The guitar work may not be the best, and the bass is nearly inaudible to the trained ear, but the album overall keeps the idea going. Metalcore with a hint of progressive metal, topped off with the stamp of Trivium. Their best effort in a long time, and a nod at # 9 it grabs them.


8. The Black Dahlia Murder

– June 20, 2011

Detroit’s quirky metal band of choice is in fact TBDM. Their latest effort, Ritual, was in fact the best of the career. The tides were leaning toward a huge release for the death metallers, in fact their last few albums have been near masterpieces of modern metal. But how is this one, you ask? Well, its #8 on my list of top metal albums of the year! So in all, its brutal, striking, and sometimes even entertaining on a “clever” level. Vocalist Trevor Strnad is truly in a league of his own vocally, shrieking across his lyrical uniqueness. The drumming is just godly, especially on the track “Malenchanments of the Necrosphere”  . The mere fact they made the bass audible enough is more than justifiable for me to throw them on this list, but the songs themselves are truly art. No, their not art….their just fucking metal


7. Symphony X – Iconoclast

   June 17, 2011

 New Jersey, frankly speaking, is not always know for its metal. But all that seems to be smashed to bits by the Garden State raised proggers. Their latest is truly mesmerizing. With artwork done by the guy who designed  the flick 2012, and the theme of humans getting bitched by machines, the album was set to be epic from the start. If youre not a fan of long songs, heed caution to this because these guys have very long songs. But the length is just more of a gift when the songs entrace you into some sort of metal spell. The almost inhuman guitar work of Michael Romeo, and the despair causing godliness of bassist Mike DeLepond, the musicianship soars to levels of near god level.  This album wouldve been placed higher years ago, but in a year of great albums, its saying at #7. Job well done!

#6- Suicide Silence – The Black Crown

 July 12, 2011

Okay, I’m the first to admit deathcore, for the most part, sucks. But, as with almost genre of metal there is, are some huge expections to the rule. What I mean when I say this is that Suicide Silence have somehow, some way, staved off the “trend” and are one now of the best, if not the best, deathcore bands of all time. “The Black Crown” clearly has a theme to it. The title, and most tracks, all elude to a dark side  of “fame”. The drugs, “Slaves To Substance”, Witness The Addiction), anger (Fuck Everything), hatred of their own genre mates (The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart) and most explicitly dying young “You Only Live Once”. Listen to this album once and you’ll get it. This is their equilavent to Slipknot’s “Iowa”. Suicide Silence hate the way their peers are acting, and they decided the “black crown” they were given was the perfect manifestation of anger and hope. Anger at the past of metal, hope for the future.

#5- All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends

 July 22, 2011

Not gonna lie. I was literally counting the days to this albums release back in the summer. Yes, another deatchore band. But like I said, there are many exceptions to the hate. All Shall Perish rule. Their vocals and breakdowns are like hell on Earth, and the mere metal they exude is enough to convert any non believer to a regular goer of gigs. The day this was released, I ran home and listened to the whole thing on Youtube. To be honest, it blew away any expectations I had, with the ripping opener of “Divine Illusion” straight to the end, you feel like their attacking you and you want to be savagely beaten. Hernan is most probably possessed by a demon, and the breakdowns are nearly eardrum crushing. Not to mention the most metal artwork of the year ( a man being put to the guillotine by a priest, politician, town, and aliens….?). The album is merely crushing from start to end, if you want to be an elitist, dont listen to it. But if you want to have your sould crushed by mere brutality, click play.


#4- Korn – The Path Of  Totality

 December 6, 2011

Yes. I did it. I put the new Korn album on my list. Not just anywhere, but at #4. Why you ask? Well, remember when I first said that metal has been “stagnant” for a while. Yeah, well this was the breakthrough I and many others have been waiting for. I wont lie, I am not quite too keen on dubstep, but this album is absolutely heavy. The bass drops are speaker shattering. And Jonathan Davis’ vocals are perfect for this type of music, strangely. The album may be subject to some horrific reviews (mainly those who just want to join the herd) but Ive always been outside the box, and I honestly will say this is Korn’s best album since their 1994 debut. Yea, that good. Gone are the cliche “goth” songs, or the pseudo- rap tracks that were awkward (All In The Family?).  This is truly an exceptional album, with truly exceptional cahones. Kudos to Korn for throwing the middle finger to the elitists, and making an album thats truly different.

3. Mastodon – The Hunter

 September 26, 2011

Did Mastodon step in a time machine back to 1969 , or did they just really get the vibe of “rock”. This album shook up the die hards, split it down the middle like a fat chick on ice, actually. No more 10 minute long space rock songs about disabled kids in Russia, this is just a plain, old fun rocking metal album. The opener “Black Tongue” is heavy and hard with the feel of Led Zeppelin. The leads to the best song they have ever made, “Curl Of The Burl”. The track is the most fun ever. The rhythm is enough to get Glen Benton himself boogeying, and its uphill from there. Mastodon have made it clear. They are not afaird to be mainstream, on the radio, or anywhere else. This is truly the dark side of pop. Love it or leave it, Mastodon do what they want.


2. Anthrax – Worship Music

 September 14, 2011

Adios, Nelson( *cue the HA-HA from the Simpsons*). One word to describe the past few  years for Anthrax it would be, wow. They hired Dan Nelson, fired Dan Nelson, hired John Bush, he quit, and than they shock everyone by inviting their old singer Joey Belladonna back. What a great decision that was!  “Worship Music” is really a thrashing, groove metal album, up to par with rivals Megadeth and Slayer at their best (forget $elloutica). The opener “Worship Music/Earth On Hell” is just pummeling. The staccato guitars, the synced drums, the vocals of Joey, and the bass of Frankie all add up to be like heaven on Earth. The rest of the album just rules. The interludes of classical music, and the thrashy tracks all make you want to hit replay, again. And again. And Again.

And the #1 metal album of 2011 is……………………………………….!!!


Machine Head – Unto The Locust

 September 24, 2011

Machine Head are the epitome of absolute metal. Their debut blazed trails for countless metalcore bands, and their recent offering are nothing sort of heroic classics. “Unto The Locust” is no different. The most distinguishable growl known as Robb Flynn , mixed the riff mastery of Phil Demmel the drums of Dave McClain, the bass of Mr. Adam Duce, Machine Head are all the metal I personally aspire to be. The album starts out with the chanting of Sangre Sani, and than pounds into the emotional blaster “I Am Hell”. “Be Still And Know” will have any guitar lover (myself) confused and wondering how the hell they played those godly riffs. Than the single “Locust” which is the epitome of the apocalypse on album. The album just kills from there. The tear jerking “Darkness Within” ,  “Who We Are” features a childrens choir and orchestra, taking the classical influence of the album to a whole new level. back to back covers of Judas Priest’s “The Sentinel” and Rush’s “Witch Hunt” lead to the acoustic closer of a revampedversion of “Darkness Within”, with just Robb, his guitar, and the pure emotion the album reeks of. To say this album is a classic is an understatement. Machine Head have made yet another emotional roller coaster of metal, making the listener feel every emotion they feel. Machine Head are a giant of godly proportions. This is the best album of 2011 for many reasons, but mainly because they deserve it. Long live The Head. 

                                                                                                                      Because Heavy Matters