Petty Is As Petty Does

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

                                                                        “Splinter Of the Mind’s Eye”

               Elitist is a fairly new term. Fairly being used in the lightest of terms here, but the influx of the “righteous” has evaded our everyday lives. “Dont eat that, eat this!”. “Don’t watch that, watch this!’. We get it, you’re right, we’re all wrong. But, as with everything, this level of grandose douchery is 1000x worse in the everlasting world of heavy metal. There seems to be a wave of metalheads who would rather die than actually give a listen to any band they consider “not metal” . Now, this doesn’t mean this doesn’t exist in other music genres (rap is not music). But since us metalheads are so devoted, we take serious pride in who we listen to. Is this just a pounding of the chest and stomping of the foot, or is it a new way of discriminating?

             Ask anyone who was alive during the 80’s about modern metal, and they will most likely say “Ah dude that new stuff sucks! Back than we had Maiden, Priest, all them great bands! You aint got none!”. After slapping them for not realizing the latter two bands are still existent, you should enlighten them with the fact that people hated what was going on in metal in 80’s, at first. Yes, there was a time when metalheads didn’t like thrash. Back in 1981, when the average speed of a metal song was at about modern prog rock levels, the newbies who came and made it fast were seen as “false metallers” and “posers”. But we all know how that turned out, with the classic bands dying off, and thrash metal becoming a monolith of a genre to this day. That enough proof…?

            ….So why haven’t we learned. Why is it so wrong to not listen to the exact same thing as your brethren. Well, for starters, it’d be weird if everyone liked the same exact bands. Part of music is finding indivuality, even within a genre. Metal is a vast genre, with nearly 25 types, if you want to stretch it. So what makes one “better” than the other? Nothing. Not one thing. I for one, like almost every metal genre, starting with the Sabbath days up to the present day. Evolution doesn’t kill. It only makes a species stronger. Elitism is a pure kryptonite to the world’s greatest music. If we can’t put up a united front, what makes us any stronger the typical radio pop fan? Nothing. Go to a mainstream music festival, and watch the crowds sit with their teas and herbs, clapping everytime the “singer” remembers to lip sync properly. Watch a metal festival, you get chills. Hordes of people swinging their heads, screaming, all a religious experience. So why, once out the concert setting, are we so damn divided??? A Slayer fan can’t sit with a Slipknot fan? A Maiden fan sneers at the thought of listening to anything released past 1983? Is there a reason we don’t want to move out of our comfort zone, or is it just mere idiocy. Like i said before, I can honestly say I like almost every, single metal genre in existence. There is, of course, good and bad to each. Thrash has its share of bad apples, as does metalcore, and death metal. But is it a problem to like it all? To me, no. To most, yes.

          The ultimate, mortal sin is confessing these four words. “I like nu metal”. Say these words at a Cannibal Corpse album, you’ll probably end up looking like that poor woman on the Butchered album cover. Nu metal is METAL. It has it in its name. So why do people practically spit at KoRn? Why do people start wars over Slipknot, who are actually not even nu metal, more or less just metal metal. Is it so damn wrong to listen to nu metal? Have you destroyed your metal reputation? No and yes. No for being yourself. Yes for being a wimp and not being yourself. I personally love the work of both KoRn and Slipknot. Slipknot is one of my all time favorite METAL bands, and I proudly say it, wear their merch like a uniform, and listen to them daily. So whats the deal with the elitists being so snooty over a great genre? Well, its not as simple as you may think…

        Human psychology is a crazy thing. Our brains are smarter than us, and us meaning us, with our brains. Don’t have a stroke trying to figure that one out. But the point is, that when your brain is developed, it doesn’t allow much change. This is the dangerous part of bad parenting, i.e. racism, drug use, drinking, etc. It sticks with you. For life. The same goes for metal. What you know is what you like. But once you break down the windows and open the floodgates, the music just encompasses you. Living as a square is not living. It’s trapping yourself in a hole for life, with no escape. Open – mindedness has saved countries, lives, and persons. Never forget that you are your own person, not a person’s own.


                                                                                                         Because Heavy Matters, 



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