Last Rites

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

                                                                                            ”  Death Knell”

   It had a good run. Not in length, but in hopefulness. Whats this I’m talking about. The now slowly fading “thrash revivalists”. Yes, a few years back, the white top donning, denim vesters were actually causing quite a ruckus in the metal community. With marquis acts like Bonded By Blood (who erupted into a self-implosive pit of array), Warbringer (who have since dropped the retro thrash attitude for a more modern feel), and Lazarus A.D. (yea remember them?) the revival was seen as hopeful. 5 years pass. Things changed. Bands quit. Bands lost their musical knack and made some really bad album. Others jumped the bandwagon, causing what was once a train of freshness into a stale, rotten ride to Hell. So what happened? I’ll explain.

     It’s a common fact that record labels love to jump the trend. Whether it be the early 80’s flood of metal bands who acted like Judas Priest, except cheesier. Or the early 90’s landslide of death metal bands, and the herds flocking to Earache and Roadrunner Records. The current was no different. A few bands gather in L.A. and make it seem like their actually reviving something. Most will agree, the product never hit any standard of classic, or even good for that matter. The fashion was ripped off from Anthrax, the riffs from Megadeth, and the rest was likewise as unoriginal. Lame and stale, never evolving.

        Never can a band claim to be something that already happened. Thats just fraud. There is no Slayer 2.0, or Pantera Mach 2. Those bands made their own legacy doing something new and original. Not running to their local graveyard and digging up their long dead. The revivalists were just attempting to bring back a long ventured genre. The early thrash years are among some of the greatest metal bands ever. Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Testament…They made something new. After a while, it got old. The Bay Area was literally flooded with thrash bands, who all took the last guys gimmick and made it more tiresome. Ask the forefathers themselves, the timeline of evolution does not allow metal to go back 20 years and try to imitate itself. Am I saying thrash is dead? No. Is thrash as strong as it was? No. The current “thrashers” are just terrible imitators of a great generation that laid down the ground for the next genres. You catch that? Each genre lends into the next. Thrash gave way to boredom, and than the ground on death metal was broken by Slayer. The formula (evil, gore, war) was inherit in the old school death metal sounds. After a while, that grew old as well, and the formula of death metal guitars with hardcore vocals was incarnated. The genre metalcore, is the current genre that is rapidly growing old. The bands who still claim to be metalcore, do so as to not disappoint their fanbase. The term now is modern metal. I love modern metal. Actually I love all metal. Except the thrash revival. Why? You don’t write the same book twice, do you? Didn’t think so….

                                                                                                           Because Heavy Matters



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